Master Key Lock System

In order for the super of a large building to have access to all apartments for maintenance reasons, he must have as many keys as the number of the apartments. But this is hardly convenient! That’s where a custom master key lock system comes to save the situation. Although there is a handful of variations, the idea is for your super to use only Master Key Lock System Richmond Hillone key to unlock all the apt building doors. It goes without saying that all tenants of the building would still have their own key to their apt. When it comes to setting a master key lock system in Richmond Hill, Ontario, we are the locksmith company to trust.

We are skilled with master key lock systems

We have been offering office master key system solutions and apt building master lock installations in Richmond Hill for a very long time. Since our intention is to increase security but also convenience, we offer several master key design solutions. Our staff can help you choose the design you want and need.

How master key systems work

Do you need one main master key and two sub-master keys? Do you want more sub-master keys? You decide about your custom business or apt building master key lock system. Secondary master keys will only open certain doors – the main entrance and all doors on one floor for example. The main master key will open the doors on all floors including the main entrance or maintenance room.

Our locksmiths excel at the installation of master key locking systems

Experienced with master key systems, Locksmith Richmond Hill can set up anything you want. Our techs can fix the locks to work with all master and tenant (change) keys and can even expand the system within the limits of the same design. What you gain is easy access without having to carry a huge keychain with all sorts of keys. That’s if you are the manager or caretaker and need to be able to enter each room in an office and each apartment in a complex.

Let us make your life easy and improve your security. Do you know how many master keys you want? Need help? Trust the best in the local community when it comes to Richmond Hill master key lock system installations and solutions. We’ll be more than happy to assist you.